Using VIPtv with an Amazon Fire Stick

1. From Homepage select "Apps"
2. Select "Movies and TV"
3. Select "Perfect Player"

4. Click "Download"
5. Click "Open"

6. You'll see a blank screen with option bar on the top, select settings gear on far right side.
7. Select "General"
8. Select "Playlist"
9. In URL space type as follows:

(Important Note: Enter your VIP TV username where it reads "VIPusername" and enter your password where it reads "VIPpassword" -- no spaces).

Here is an example of how the URL should be if your VIP username was "test" and your password was "LeTsGetPaid"

EXAMPLE:  You would enter the URL as follows with no spaces:

Click on "Next"

10. Click "OK"
11. Scroll down to EPG and type as follows for the URL:
12. Click on "Next"
13. Click on "OK"
14. Hit the return button on the remote twice to go back to previous screens
15. You'll see "All channels" on the top left and on the top right hand corner you'll see that updates are kicking in.
16. On the remote control bring up the Menu box by clicking on the button that has 3 lines on it.
17. Select "EPG Show EPG" so that the TV Guide will display.

All done - Enjoy! (VERY IMPORTANT:  Click on the left side or right side of the black circle on the remote to change the Category from "All channels" to the Category that you want to view.)😊