Here's a live shot of using the quad screen feature.


To use the feature, first click on the Live Sports section. Once there, to enable more than 1 viewable screen click on the SingleScren button. This will turn on the MultiScreen feature.

From there, Click on WATCH NOW beside the event you want to view (then pick a source) and you'll see a number get added to the top of your screen, like below. Once you've picked all your streams, up to 4, then click the PLAY button at the top and away you go!

KOdi 17.4

Lots of people asking if VIPtv would work on a Smart TV. This is possible through Samsung Smart IPTV app on a Samsung Smart TV. We will try to get as much details as possible shortly but please try it and see if it works for you.

If you don't have a smart tv, or one that doesn't have a browser function, you can always use an HDMI cord and connect your computer or laptop to your TV and use the web version of VIPtv.

VIPtv Error Message When Logging In

For VIPtv website users experiencing this pop up when they try logging in:

"Error for site, invalid domain for site key"

"This means they have entered their credentials incorrectly.

VIPtv Update and Maintenance

Good news: We are in the process of migrating to the new enhanced website right now. You will then have the ability to change servers on the website once it's complete. Also a much more user-friendly interface, tv guide, multi screen option for live sports, the whole 9 yards. The VOD portion is being worked on next!!

5 Simultaneous Users

***** Effective immediately VIPtv subscribers may now use up to 5 devices simultaneously under same IP Address ****