TV Guide

Hi friends, our tv guide may be a little funky tonight because it is being maintenanced. We are trying to resolve the guide loading issue once and for all. For the meanwhile you have the option to go to live tv section. Also you may notice there is a couple of issues you may notice in live sports and live events. That is also being resolved this moment. Thanks for your patience.

VIPtv Maintenance


We are fully back up. TV Guide was worked on, not completely, but we can only hope this helps some. Remember it may take twice to reload the guide fully until it's resolved.


For the time being please do not complain about the new TV Guide until the "Beta" is removed. With your help we were able to better identify what was causing some of the issues people were experiencing with it. We are working on it. Also, you may not see the new stations reflected on the TV Guide so you'll need to access it by going to "live tv" section under "VIP TV", "United States" etc. We appreciate each and every one of you!!


As of today we have all coverage for the NFL preseason and regular season games in HD. Brag to your friends and family about it ????????.!


This is just a very very tiny idea of whats coming with the new website. First pic is live sports section and second pic is the TV Guide!! This doesn’t even scratch the surface. Yes you will have a full TV Guide on the VIP Live TV website too now. The "Video On Demand" we are releasing will be included on the website and you'll have the ability to change servers and much more!!! The first picture is on my laptop and the 2nd one is from my phone, imagine using a big screen computer or device.


 It's called Quad Screening and it will be available very soon. The option will be only available on the website. (watch 4 games at once)